Police look for suspect and car after parking lot scare – Catch a Criminal report

Updated: 5/13 10:22 am | Published: 5/10 12:42 pm

Salt Lake City (ABC 4 News) When someone tells you they’ve "never been so scared in my life", there is generally a story behind it. And in this week’s Catch a Criminal report we are sharing that story.

Salt Lake Unified Police say that a woman, who was visiting Utah for a wedding, narrowly avoided what appeared to be an attack or robbery in a grocery story parking lot. Police do not have a photo or a description of the suspect in this case, but they do have photos and a description of the suspects car. Police hope that someone will recognize it and help catch a criminal.

The slide show of photos include a silver, two door car that was acting suspicious for several minutes on the night of April 28, 2011. The car was seen driving around the Fresh Market parking lot at 4530 South Highland Drive in Holladay. And whoever was driving it attempted to accost, rob or maybe even carjack a female shopper. She describes the moment she was walking to her car. "Just as I get back to my car, I hear a car come screeching up behind me and slam on the brakes and a guy jumps out…I jump in my car and lock my car. And as soon as lock my door that person is trying to accost me and get into my car."

In the photos provided by Fresh Market and police you can see the suspects car on the left and the victim’s black SUV on the right. In fact, in one picture you can see the brake lights on the victim’s SUV. Both police and the victim believe this could be the moment the suspect was actually trying to open the door on the driver’s side of the vehicle and out of frame of the camera. The victim said, "He was pulling on the door knob – I’m thinking he’s trying to get into my car – I got to get away from this guy as soon as I can." So, she hit the gas. The suspect actually chased her for several feet, then the victim hit Highland Drive and got away.

Lt. Justin Hoyal with Unified Police says it was a smart move to quickly lock her car doors. And he says, "She’s very fortunate…to be able to get away in this situation because we do not know what his intentions were."

While the victim tells ABC 4 she wants to remain anonymous – she hopes her story will expose the suspect before he does something like this again. "On a scary scale of one to ten – this was definitely a ten."

Police are releasing the following information about the incident, the car and the suspect.
It happened around 11:35PM on April 28, 2011. Witnesses say the driver of the car was wearing a ski mask. They described the car as silver in color. It is a two door with a tail fin and sunroof. Witnesses and police believe it is a Nissan, but they are not sure. And police believe the license plate included the letters A and H.

If you know anything about this car or the crime contact Unified Police at: 801-743-7000

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